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Watch Dial: Tudor Sub Style Enamel Black
Derek Wiebe (Vancouver, CA)

Tough to keep clean going in but looks great once you’re done. Lume is very good with clean lines and it fit perfect.

Basic bracelet

I had high expectations for this bracelet but was a little bit disapointed. The Namoki MM300 case is a solid and well finished item, but this bracelet is a little too thin and flimsy. It feels a little bit cheap compared to the case. The endlink also lack som finishing touches compared to the case. The good thing is that it tapers nicely to 16 mm and therefor is very comfortable to wear. I hope Namoki is making a second generation that is a little bit more robust and well finished. I'll gladly pay some extra for a bracelet that is as good as the MM300 case from you guys.

I feel this is a 3 out of 5. It's not bad but it's missing that solid heft to it. I hope Namoki listen to this and redesign it. The MM300 SKX case don't fit any other bracelets than this so we're stuck with this one for now.

Beautifull case

High quality and very well finished, this case is beautifull.
Be carefull, the dials needs to be 28.52mm max.

Watch Hands: Mercedes Polished Finish
Mohamad Iskandar (Singapore, SG)
Merc Hands

As usual, quality parts from namoki and nothing less. Fitment and lume is good as well.

Perfect match to LTD Street Fighter V Guile

Matches my Guile ltd edition watch beautiful.

NH Movement Rotor: Snowflake
Gnadai (Kihei, US)

Finished my watch off. The final touch!

Just Right!

These slim casebacks make the case hug the wrist so much better - I love these


Goes really well with the Namoki Spork Dial

Just Right!

I have a soft-spot for Snowflake hands and these were just what I needed!

Watch Dial: Divemaster Black
Gabe W (Kanata, CA)
Just What I Needed

Love me some BGW-9

Watch Dial: Spork Black Finish
Gabe W (Kanata, CA)
Looks Fantastic, Amazing Lume

This thing is a TORCH at night - I love it!!!

This band was very easy to attach and resize as needed; links are easily removed and the clasp allows for a more fine-tuned adjustment.

SRPE Chunky Crown: Polished Finish
Dustin (Sacramento, US)
Perfect chunky crown

Easy to grip and cut for install. Couldn't ask for a better crown

Watch Hands: 62MAS Black Finish
Dustin (Sacramento, US)
62MAS Black Finish hands

Looks good, hands are slightly rounded so installing them takes a little more time

Watch Hands: MM1000 Black Lume Finish
Dustin (Sacramento, US)
1000 MM black lume

Good hands just a heavy layer of lume on the back of the hands can make install tricky

Watch Hands: Arrow Second Hands
Jerry Wolff (Houston, US)

Found the parts for my build here; just what I was looking for!

Springbar Pliers Tool
Daniel Dietz (Einselthum, DE)
Very Good

Fixing is a little bit tricky but when fixed it works fine.

Hand Setting Tool (Set of 3)
Daniel Dietz (Einselthum, DE)

Everything fine with it.

Awesome case

A greatlooking case with superb buildquality. Very comfortable on the wrist. The sapphire with clear AR almost disappeares.
It's both: sporty and dressy. Love it!

Seiko (SII) NH35A Automatic Movement
christophe de LESTAPIS (Paris, FR)

As waited

Love it

Totally happy with it . Will be buying again !

Great Crystal

Fits nicely with the ceramic bezel inserts

SKX007/SRPD Sub Bezel: Polished Finish
Lester Hui (Singapore, SG)
Nice bezel

Nice bezel and well fitted

slightly thicker than crystal when fitted with a flat sapphire

Looks good overall. However, when fitted with a flat crystal, it is not fully flushed.

NH Movement Rotor: Snowflake
Ron Walsh (Okeechobee, US)
Great looks, easy to install, highly recommend.

I was looking to upgrade the look on my NH36 watch build, and after doing the dial and hands, I stumbled across the snowflake rotor and I have to say it is amazing. It totally changes the look on the back of the watch. No longer do you see the TMI rotor, but this excellent designed rotor. Installation took just an easy few minutes.