Read this if you have an Orient Mako/Ray!

The Seiko SKX007 has been the go-to watch for modders for the longest time. It's a no brainer - no other watch model has as many compatible mod parts.

However, if you own an Orient Mako or Orient Ray (1st or 2nd generation), don't despair. You don't have to give in to peer pressure and pick up an SKX007. You'll be really happy to hear that we have just released 2 bezels (available in Coin Edge and Submariner styles) that essentially acts as an "adapter" for SKX007 bezel inserts.

When you install this bezel on your Orient Mako or Orient Ray, you will be able to use any bezel inserts that are compatible with the SKX007 (Check out our complete range of SKX007 Bezel Inserts here!). This opens you up to a much wider range of options if you're looking to mod your Orient dive watch.

Happy modding!

October 03, 2019 by namoki guest


Jeremiah - namokiMODS

Jeremiah - namokiMODS said:

Hi Mikael! Our Seiko dials are 28.5mm whereas Orient Ray 2 dials are 31.5mm

Mikael Rydell

Mikael Rydell said:

Can I use any dials for my Ray 2?

Best regards

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